COMPASS Performance Strategies Inc.


The COMPASS Advantage

COMPASS Performance Strategies designs programs based on the unique needs and concerns of your organization so the most effective and relevant training can occur.  As opposed to generic training programs, our guiding principal is customization and tailoring.

Through a Discovery Profile, we identify key components necessary to bring employees and management together to foster a new, innovative, and successful approach to conducting business.  We provide dynamic learning environments and live practice situations that ensure participants are fully engaged, gain and retain a deeper level of understanding. 

It is well known that people tend to retain much more by being actively involved rather than listening alone.  With that in mind, our Programs are not lectures, they’re hands-on workshops, supported by a strong combination of audio-visual aids and high participant involvement.  We also adjust our programs to meet the skill, years of experience, and career-level of the participants.  Our modular format allows a higher degree of focus on distinct disciplines and the essential skills that drive success.  Our clients can be assured of a tailored, fit for purpose program.


  1. BulletCustomization to reflect each client’s unique challenges

  2. BulletFocused on “How-To” with immediate applicability of methods and approaches

  3. BulletInteractive team workshops with full engagement

  4. BulletClient management participation

  5. BulletRESULTS NOW!

  6. Tangible, in-seminar

  7. Short and long-term business gains

  8. Significant cultural impact

  9. BulletFollow-up through manuals, power cards, and CD’s

It’s the way we put it together

that sets us apart.

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