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“I want to thank you again for your insight on how to “do it right” in business.  It works!  I am using your methods and have so far closed at about a 75% success rate.  This whole exercise was and continues to be the best training I have ever received.”

Dave Bates

Canadian Broadcast Sales

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Negotiating For Business Results 
Negotiating should be a process of cooperation not confrontation as it is only successful if it yields an agreement both parties can willingly comply with and fulfill.  Adopting this collaborative approach builds trust, rapport and long-term gains.  In this program, your people will learn and practice how to prepare more effectively, understand the needs and interests of all parties, identify, employ and counter different negotiation tactics, and keep the negotiation process on track and moving forward to a mutually agreeable, optimal solution.

Areas of Focus & Benefits Include:

Develop an awareness of negotiation strategies and tactics
Identify and successfully counter the tactics used by other parties in their approach
Learn the critical art of tactful questioning, active listening and careful observation 
to understand a prospect’s needs in detail
Learn the different methods of gaining agreement and not ‘giving away the farm’
Maintain and foster a positive client-vendor relationship at all times