COMPASS Performance Strategies Inc.


“Paul, your sales management session was more productive, more practical, more useable and less complicated that I or the Robin Hood management team had ever experienced.  And you were working with 16 managers with more than 280 years of food industry experience.”

Ward Hanlon

Vice President Sales, Consumer Foods

Robin Hood Multifoods Inc.

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Sales Management
With industry and corporations in North America having historically relied extensively on systems and process for success, the competitive edge has waned through the commoditization of products, services … and people.  Job 1 for today’s manager is to create the environment where the team is motivated to work toward its potential through effective leadership.

Sales and/or Service Managers who attend a COMPASS Leadership and Management Program will have the skills, approaches and tools to 
maximize their teams’ impact.

Areas of Focus & Benefits Include:

Understanding the role of a Leader/Manager 
Improved communications and cooperation between employees
Increased dialogue and improved problem solving skills
Recognizing 13 fatal errors managers make
Knowing and addressing the short and long term motivator
How to manage interpersonal relationships
Managing and Coaching performance
Building a stronger commitment to better service
How to resolve both conflict and compliance issues
Better recruiting, hiring and training practices
Generating better understanding, buy-in, and commitment between employees
Time and priorities management
Supporting culture change, reengineering, or reorganization
Understanding the factors of successful team development