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“The advance preparation was thorough, the presentation was highly effective, and the positive impact was remarkable. The staff were talking about the sessions for weeks after, and we are using the outcomes to drive ongoing team building exercises. At the end of the two days, the positive effects were sufficient enough to move an employee to say she was reconsidering her pending retirement.”

Richard Copeland


Hansard Reporting Service

Legislative Assembly of Ontario

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Team Building
Team Building is now recognized as a crucial tool within organizations as well as an invaluable ‘skill’ for coping with change.  
By seeking the diversity of views, experiences, and knowledge within a group, team building is a powerful way to take the pulse of your organization and its environment, get a good understanding of important challenges, and develop innovative solutions.  In today’s market, we are all confronted with the need for partnership and collaboration in resolving common issues.  This program is your organization’s first step to building an effective and productive team.

Areas of Focus & Benefits Include:

Improved communications and cooperation between employees
Increased dialogue and improved problem solving skills
Building a stronger commitment to better service
Generating better understanding, buy-in, and commitment between employees
Supporting a culture change, reengineering, or a complete reorganization
Rewarding strong team members and celebrate high achievements